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Does She Want You to Be Her Boyfriend? 11 Things She Likes About You

Casual Sex Mackay

There are a number of women out there looking for Mackay casual sex but at some point, these women might want to get into a relationship that is more serious. Casual Sex Mackay

Men also might be interested in making their casual relationship more serious.

If you think that you might want to make you Mackay casual sex relationship more serious than it is, you might be interested to find out what drives her to want you as a boyfriend.

Here are 11 different things that she will look for:

1 – Women Like That You are Smart
One of the things that a woman will like about you, even when in a Mackay casual sex relationship, is when you show her your smarts.

This can be book smart or street smart, as both are quite attractive to women.

2 – Women Like That You are Challenging to Her
Another thing that women will like about a man is that they like men who challenge her. This often happens when in a casual sex relationship since you often go into them without wanting a commitment.

The challenge, of course, is pushing that commitment…and she will really like that.

3 – Women Will Like that You are Attentive
All women like when men give them attention and women in this situation are no different. Since you have already shown her that you are attentive in a Mackay casual sex relationship, she already knows that you can offer this attention in other areas of her life.

4 – Women Will Like That You are Generous
You also may notice that a woman will want you for her boyfriend because you show her generosity. This may not even mean generous with possessions or money, but also generous with affection and time.

5 – Women Will Like That You are Good in Bed
If in a relationship that is focused on casual sex, you might find that she thinks you are great in bed. Keep in mind, a woman won’t want to stick around if she wasn’t convinced that you have good bedroom skills.

6 – Women Will Like That You Go After What You Want
Another thing that women like about men and want to make him her boyfriend is that you are a man who goes after what you want.

7 – Women Will Like That You Have Class
Women also might want to be with a guy who is classy, and she knows by sleeping with you if you are a classy guy. Women will love guys who have class.

8 – Women Will Like That You are Funny
Most people know that women like men who are funny. If you can make her laugh, not only will she want to see more of you, she will also find you very attractive.

9 – Women Will Like That You are Fun
Sex is definitely fun and casual sex in Mackay is even more fun that other things. If a woman is having fun with you, especially in the bedroom, she will certainly be interested in dating you.

10 – Women Will Like That You are Into Her
Women also love when men are into them. She will know that you are into her because you keep coming to her to have sex. If you start a relationship with a woman and keep going to her for sex, she very well could want to date you.

11 – Women Will Like That You Respect Her
Almost always, when you are in a Mackay casual sex situation, a mutual friendship will develop and this often brings mutual respect. She will also like this and it will be one more reason she might want to be your girlfriend.

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